The Power of Labels in Limiting Our Lives

What labels have you put on yourself? How do those labels influence your behavior, either for the better or to your detriment? Are you even aware of what you say about yourself? Pay attention to your “I’m a…” (I’m a junk food person) and your “I’m not a”‘s (I’m not a runner ūüŹÉ). I guarantee these thoughts are limiting your life in some capacity. I often say that I’m not a runner, but I know the label is bullshit, and I simply just don’t enjoy it as much as other activities, such as kickboxing or boot camp classes. I know I’m not “just a junk food person” and that this is just an excuse to eat unhealthy. That said, why not turn it around and use labels to our advantage? Heck, maybe tomorrow I’ll tell myself that I’m a morning person ūüėČ. Take note of your labels. See what you come up with and reflect on its impact.

Sylvania Ohio Movies

Going to the movies is a great way to provide entertainment to the whole family. It can also be the source of a fabulous date night for couples. Summer time is the perfect time to attend the movies as many blockbuster films are released this time of year. Unfortunately, Sylvania Ohio does not have a movie theater; however, there is one very close by at the Franklin Park Mall that offers both regular and 3D versions of most popular action flicks. Traditionally, many action-oriented movies are released during the summer, such as Independence Day II this year. Check out the video below to see what movies are being released in summer 2016 and check out your local theater today!

How You Can Prepare For Sylvania OH Weather

If you’ve ever been to Sylvania, OH, you know that the weather there can really fluctuate. A chilly morning can easily become a blistering day, and you can wind up getting stormed on before night falls.

It can be hard to figure out how to deal with the Sylvania OH weather. People don’t always know how they should dress, or how they should prepare for what lies ahead.

Thankfully, these easy tips should make the challenges of Sylvania’s weather a lot easier to deal with.

1. Always Dress In Layers

Instead of dressing for warm weather or cool weather, try to dress for both. Wear layers over your clothing so that you can be comfortable no matter what the temperature is like.

Even if it’s very warm out when you leave in the morning, you should try to keep a light jacket or sweater within reach. That way, if the temperatures do turn, you’ll be able to throw it on and still be comfortable.

Wearing layers gives you a lot more flexibility, and ensures that you’ll be ready to deal with any temperatures.

2. Check The Hourly Forecast

When you’re looking at the weather forecast, don’t assume that the number you’re seeing is the temperature for the entire day. Instead, take a look at the hourly forecast. That should give you a clearer picture of what you can expect.

For example, even if it’s sunny in the morning, the hourly forecast might tell you that it will start raining around 5. If you have that information, you can make sure you accomplish everything you need to in the morning while it’s still nice out. After that, you can head back inside and stay out of the rain.

When weather patterns are inconsistent, you need to look at a more detailed forecast to get an accurate picture of what’s to come. Check the hourly report so that you know what you should be expecting.

3. Spend Time In The Sun When You Can

Make a point of spending time outside when the weather is pleasant. Researchers have found that weather can have a significant impact on people’s moods. When people don’t get enough sunshine, they may start to feel anxious and depressed as a result.

When the weather is sunny, make sure you spend a little bit of time outside. You might want to sit outside and read, or simply enjoy your morning coffee outdoors. Not only will you have a chance to soak up some vitamin D, you’ll be taking steps to elevate your mood.

At first, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by Sylvania OH weather. However, once you get used to the weather patterns, it isn’t so hard to deal with. The weather fluctuates a lot, yes, but there are a number of things that you can do to mitigate that.

Make sure you make the most of the weather here in Sylvania. It might not always be sunny outside, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a nice place to be.

Sylvania Ohio Restaurants For Families On Vacation

Whether you’re stopping at random in Sylvania, Ohio for a delicious meal on the road, or you’re vacationing or visiting family, you need to know where to get a good bite to eat. If you’re like me, your taste buds and what you’re craving changes at the drop of a hat, so you want plenty of options. This collection of Sylvania Ohio restaurants is one that you will find pleasing to the palate.

First, I’m going to throw something at you that you won’t expect right off the bat. It’s Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant, which is surely going to serve up delicious dishes you don’t just get to try every day. Maybe you’re used to eating salmon, but perhaps you’ve never tried it the Japanese way. This restaurant is great for families looking for a unique dining experience in Sylvania, Ohio.

Another one of the top Sylvania Ohio restaurants is Chandler Cafe. Every good city has a local cafe that’s a big hit, right? Well, Sylvania actually has more than one, but this one is one of the top ranked cafes and currently #5 out of all restaurants in the city. It has a very nice downtown storefront appeal. Outdoor dining makes it a great spot for lunch, and it’s known for its delicious sandwiches. Plus, before or after lunch, you can explore what downtown Sylvania has to offer.

Another type of restaurant that every city should have is one that makes homemade pizzas. Charlie’s Homemade Pizza is that place, and you’re also talking all kinds of other delicious menu items as well. Just the words homemade pizza sell it for me because I can imagine you’re talking delicious crust and fresh toppings. Build your own pizza or just trust them to do what they do best.

If you’re with the kids, one way to score brownie points with them is to offer them a visit to an ice cream place. When you’re craving ice cream in Sylvania, you’re stop is Mr. Freeze. Evidently, they are known for their generous portions, and that sounds like a great after dinner treat or a lunchtime outing. It will settle the kids down, of course until all that sugar starts working its way into their systems.

Another type of restaurant I would always look for in a new place would be an Italian restaurant. In Sylvania, the Italian restaurant you want to visit is Ciao Ristorante. Reviews mention a fireplace, and this restaurant sounds very cozy and intimate. Guests say that food is delicious according to the ratings, and so it sounds like a great restaurant experience.

When you’re out traveling, do you prefer a fine dining experience? If so, then you want to pay a visit to Element 112. There are over 60 restaurants listed in Sylvania, Ohio, so you can imagine these establishments did something right in order to make the list. They are top restaurants and different cuisines for you and your family to try. Enjoy your time spent in Sylvania, Ohio.

Want to learn more about Sylvania? Check out the chamber of commerce website here!

Discover The History Of Sylvania Ohio

Traveling to a new region that you have never been to before can be exciting. However, for some people it is also a challenge because they are not even sure where they should be traveling to because of the lack of information they have on the history of the place. This is when people may want to explore the history of Sylvania Ohio to see if this is a location that is full of history like they want to see, but also to know if the location has all the enjoyment people need to have while they are

The location is going to play a role in the history of the city and for this city it is a suburb of Toledo, but it is also one of the Northernmost cities in Ohio that is going to border with Michigan. While their are other cities that are further North, this is the one that shares a border with Michigan.

The official beginnings of Sylvania was well before it become an incorporated area. The first settlers for what would become the city decided to settle in the region in 1836 when the first plats of the city were laid out. However, the city would not get its first post office for a total of 23 years later in 1859. Finally the people decided to incorporate the city in the year of 1867 and has remained incorporated still.

The best part about Sylvania is they are a city that recognizes their history is invaluable to the region and that is the historical village the city operates. When people decide to visit this location, they are going to find quite a bit in the way of historical facts and points they can learn. However, they are also going to learn more about the region and how it started off in the 1840’s style log cabin that is available for people to look at and then gradually changed to the modern buildings people see now in the city. What is really important, though, is the fact this is a village that makes it easier for people to learn from as well. This is because it is an operational village and does quite a bit of educational programs that makes it easier for people to learn about what is going on and see what kind of changes have been made.

Learning about an area before going to it is always a great idea. The problem is so many people forget to do this they end up disappointed in the trip they are taking. By learning about a location and the history it is easy for people to see this is the best option available for them. Then people can finally see that by discovering the history of Sylvania Ohio, it is going to allow them to have a great trip that will keep them happy while they are on all of their travels. Without this, people may end up disappointed because they are not aware of what happened in a region to keep people happy.

To learn more, please visit the city of Sylvania’s website here!

Women and Stress Management

Hi, my name is Kristin and I’m a total work-a-holic. Well at least I used to be until I put myself in check a couple years ago. Up until then I felt like I needed a constant coffee IV. I was constantly working and, when not working, I was running errands or doing something for my family. I know a lot of you can relate to that. It seems like as women we’re almost hard wired to put everyone else’s needs before our own. ¬†We try to be all things to all people.

We don’t prioritize¬†taking time out for ourselves and, as a result, we’re burned out, tired all the time, eating too much, eating too little, not sleeping enough…. and the list can go on and on. However, probably one of the most harmful consequences is that we lose our identity and power. Women are constantly pushing their own needs aside and the toll is driving many to seek my help.

Ladies, it’s time to put yourself first.


How to engage in self-care

First let me tell you by what I mean when I say “self-care.” Self-care is any¬†instance in which you’re focusing on your own needs and putting yourself first. So, how do you engage in self-care? There are a million and one ways to take care of yourself and can involve very little effort. It can range from taking a hot bath to signing up ¬†for a yoga class. Do you journal? This is another great way to take care of you. It can bring insight into how you’re thinking and feeling and help you resolve issues that arise during the day. Want to try a new hobby? Sign up for that weekly art class you’ve been eyeing for years.

In the words of Donna and Tom from Parks and Rec- “treat yoself!” (btw Parks and Rec is a hilarious show and watching it is a great way to engage in self-care!) Try starting small and simple and slowly incorporate more self-care into your daily life.¬†TREAT-YO-SELF

Leave me a comment below and tell me how you take time out for yourself! Please visit my website to see what sort of services I offer to help with stress management!