The Power of Labels in Limiting Our Lives

What labels have you put on yourself? How do those labels influence your behavior, either for the better or to your detriment? Are you even aware of what you say about yourself? Pay attention to your “I’m a…” (I’m a junk food person) and your “I’m not a”‘s (I’m not a runner 🏃). I guarantee these thoughts are limiting your life in some capacity. I often say that I’m not a runner, but I know the label is bullshit, and I simply just don’t enjoy it as much as other activities, such as kickboxing or boot camp classes. I know I’m not “just a junk food person” and that this is just an excuse to eat unhealthy. That said, why not turn it around and use labels to our advantage? Heck, maybe tomorrow I’ll tell myself that I’m a morning person 😉. Take note of your labels. See what you come up with and reflect on its impact.